Drive a Golf Ball Straight With This Tip
Oftentimes, a golfer does not hit his golf ball straight because of a number of things that he or she is doing wrong. This can stem from an improper stance, an improper grip, an improper swing path, and a lot of other improper things. But sometimes it can be something very simple. I'm going to pass on a few simple tips via a number of posts that you can try. Try these tips one by one and you might find one that helps you to drive your golf ball straighter.

In this post, my tip is a very simple one: REACH FOR THE BALL!

Set Up Away From the Golf Ball to Have a Straighter Drive
This golf tip is actually suited for golfers who slice the ball. Many golfers, especially beginners, will stand too close to the golf ball when they attempt their drives. You may not feel like you are too close, but it is a possibility that you are, and because of this your golf swing is going out to in with a slightly open clubface at impact. The effect is much like a ping-pong player putting an English spin on the ball. The ball will move from left to right in the air, and for a golfer this means the dreaded slice.

To make sure that you are not doing this, try stepping up to your golf ball like you normally would and after you feel comfortable with where you are, move both feet about 3 inches back away from the ball. Now, don't tilt forward to compensate for the added distance that you are away from the ball, but rather reach for the ball more with your arms. This new stance may feel a little awkward at first, but after a few swings it will begin to feel normal.

So basically, you are going to be driving your golf with your normal stance but you're just reaching for the ball differently. Hopefully this will stop you from swinging out to in. 3 inches may not be enough or 3 inches may be too much. You will have to find the proper distance that fits your swing.

Driving a Golf Ball Straight Conclusion
I want to point out that this may not be your problem, but it will give you something to try just in case it is. Most golfers tend to crowd the golf ball, or in other words, stand too close to the ball, causing the path of their swing to be out to in. But by moving slightly away from the ball at address, you can eliminate that crowded position, allowing the club to work more from the inside to out. My next tip in how to drive a golf ball straight, will involve a small change that you can try to do with how you hold your driver. Check back to see what that involves.

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